Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins, Scarlett Johannson and Hellen Mirren hits theatres in January 2013. Now, I'm basically freaking out because it's FUCKING ANTHONY HOPKINS PLAYING MOTHERFUCKING ALFRED HITCHCOCK WHILE HE WAS DIRECTING MOTTHAAAAFUCKINGGGGG PSYCHO. Also, because the trailer has a gorgeous shot of SJo's ass, and here's hoping that there are more in the movie.

The movie is about Alfred Hitchcock while he was directing Psycho and the perils he had to face in the process. The good thing is that Psycho will get a cult status, not that it already didn't have one, but this movie will encourage kids to watch it, and once they do, their lives will be changed forever. Psycho is such a classic. It redefined horror in cinema. Simple cinematography and goosebump-giving background score are definitely the highlights of Psycho.

Will Anthony Hopkins pull off Hitchcock? If the man can pull off Hannibal Lecter, he can pull off anything, so don't you ever doubt Hopkins. Not even for a second.

The rest of the cast looks good too. But I just care about Hopkins and SJo.

(Just a friendly suggestion. After the movie blows your mind in January and you're tempted to watch Psycho, go ahead. Feed the temptation. And then watch other Hitchcock masterpieces like Rear Window, The Birds, Vertigo, Dial M for Murder, Marnie, Rope and Strangers on a Train)

Friday, October 5, 2012

English Vinglish: A review. Kinda.

Charming. Simple. Sweet. Heartwarming. Inspiring. Sridevi. New York City. Ladoos. A few words that pretty much sum up debutant director Gauri Shinde's "English Vinglish", which marks the return of Sridevi to the big screen after 15 years.

The movie is beautiful. Its the story of Shashi Godbole, a housewife from Pune who's constantly nagged and humiliated by her family for not knowing English. When she goes to New York for her niece's wedding, she starts taking English lessons and the rest you shall find out once you watch the movie. 

Amit Trivedi has done a good job with the music and there are some nice melodies in there. Laxman Utekar has done a fabulous job with the camerawork, taking beautiful shots of New York. Sridevi is brilliant. She makes you believe that she's an average, less than confident Indian housewife, struggling to learn English. The rest of the cast is ask top notch, with every character being completely relatable to real life people. The husband, the daughter, the sister, the nieces (2 cheers for Radha!!) and the friends- the French guy, the "techie" guy, the Chinese chick, the Gay guys and-- OK I'll stop. Don't want to give out too much. 

It has a feel good factor, which makes you feel happy and elated as you leave the cinema hall. Its funny throughout, and the director ensures that you have a grin on your face for the 2 hours of the running time of the movie. 

Sridevi's character is strong. You want to root for her. You want her to become Shakespeare. You want her to become a better orator than Obama. You want her to be the Queen of the world. 

Overall, its a great movie, one of those that come by once every few years. Don't miss it. Go to a theatre, pay 200 bucks, and watch Shashi Godbole learn English Vinglish!

Oh, I almost forgot! Welcome back, Sridevi. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A blogpost about life.. and stuff.

Wake up at 7.30 am, drive 40 kms to college, attend a bunch of classes (Translate: do tuition homework/ send emails/ tweet/ punch in numbers in a calculator/ appreciate the nature out of the window), eat chowmien from the canteen, do insane amounts of college society work, drive 40 kms back home, attend tuitions, sleep. 


That's all I've been doing off late. Its not even monotonous, because I don't get the time to feel the monotony. 

I became the President (BOW DOWN, BITCHES) of my college's Debating Society, and as a part of that, I have to send out threatening messages to society members, help them with their debates and on top of all this, I'm organising an Inter College debate on the 20th, 21st and 22nd September. As a part of that, I have to talk to random people, ask them to sponsor our event, go and meet with them, sit in their shady offices, refuse water that they offer because those glasses are obviously never thoroughly washed and stuff. I also have to be on my Blackberry 24x7, sending mails, texts and making calls. But the interesting thing is that I'm enjoying bein busy so much. I've never been this busy and I couldn't be happier. My entire life I've looked at busy people and always admired how they had so much work to do, and now that I get to do that too, I'm elated.

In other news, I gave the first NCFM module and cleared it, so that's good. (It took me an hour to find the Jeevan Vihar Building, because no one knew where it was. I asked Traffic Police, Police, Autowalas and pedestrians- all to no avail. Just in case, if you ever have to go there.. its bang opposite the Parliament Thana. Just ask for directions to there. Thank me later)

I haven't seen a movie since over a month now. The last movie I saw was The Hunger Games. But I'm going for Barfi! tonight, so that's some redemption. Its getting rave reviews, so I hope its actually good and not just another movie where Ranbir Kapoor is over acting. 

LASTLY. I went to Mehar Chand Market yesterday, after eating at Big Chill, which was good as usual.. Fettucini Primavera and Mississippi Mudpie.. for those who care. Its such a cool market. The CMYK store (or whatever) is so cool. Its COOL. Its also expensive for someone like me who's always broke, but I'm going to take mom there next time and buy these calculators that I was drooling over. They had such amazing furniture, clothes, COOL stuff, books, coasters. WOW, basically. Loved it. 

Ok bye.